Currently, Breadwinner does not have a built-in procedure to create recurring invoices, however, there are three workarounds available:

Workaround 1: Create the Invoice as a normal (Non-Recurring) Invoice using Breadwinner, and then someone with a Xero login would have to change that invoice into a recurring Invoice within Xero

Workaround 2: If you run a business with regularly scheduled invoices, such as a monthly subscription business, you can explore Breadwinner's Batch Invoices module, which allows you to create invoices en-masse from Opportunities. Some customers create an Invoice for the same Opportunity every month 

Workaround 3: Certain versions of Breadwinner allow experienced administrators and developers to build APEX-based flows that can be used to automate certain procedures. This document from our documentation site explains the procedures and available APEX classes. Please note, that support for this functionality is limited.