Currently, this is only partially available, but full implementation of this is waiting on Xero to build this feature into their API. You can vote for this feature at Xero if you wish.

Once Xero builds this functionality into their API, we hope to have this enabled in Breadwinner within 1-2 months.

We can appreciate that you are frustrated by this. We are equally frustrated, and that's why we encourage you to vote for this feature at Xero.

To check the latest status of this development from Xero, please check the link at the top of this article.

In the meantime, depending on your business, the following workarounds may be suitable.

Workaround 1: As of now, you would have to create the Invoice as a normal (Non-Recurring) Invoice using Breadwinner, and then someone with a Xero login would have to change that invoice into a recurring Invoice within Xero.

Workaround 2: If you run a business with regularly scheduled invoices, such as a monthly subscription business, you can explore Breadwinner's Batch Invoices module, which allows you to create invoices en-masse from Opportunities. Some customers create an Invoice for the same Opportunity every month