Breadwinner will bring in all Credit Notes to Salesforce automatically.

Due to some security reasons, Breadwinner does not allow your Salesforce Users to create Credit Notes. This is considered as a financial activity and must be done in Xero. Within an hour of creating the Credit Notes in Xero, it will be visible in Salesforce.

Credit Notes, like Invoices, Bills and Purchase Orders, are found on the Invoices tab. The Type field will help you identify that this is a Credit Note, as well as the abbreviation "CN-".


Detailed Information

The Credit Note record will have a section that shows information about that allocation of Credit Notes.


Displayed at Account and Xero Contact Level

The Credit Note, which can be Allocated or Unallocated, is also displayed on the Account and Xero Contact it is under, in the Breadwinner Totals section.



Xero Contact: