This all gets a bit confusing as each app uses different words.

Salesforce has Accounts (which are usually Companies) and Contacts (which are usually people). 

Xero has Contacts (which are usually Companies but often have details like First and Last Name and email address). And Xero also has Customers and Suppliers which are subset of Xero Contacts. Customers are Xero Contacts that have a Sales Invoice and/or Sales Credit Note. Suppliers are Xero Contacts that have a Bill and/or Purchase Order.


Xero Contacts

Breadwinner imports all Xero Contacts. If you want to see what your Xero Contacts are, click this link when logged into Xero. You'll see something like this: 

You'll see All (xxx) which is all your Contacts. And, we might even import a few or your Archived contacts if they have invoices associated with them. Xero doesn't always delete contacts, not even when you Merge. It just Archives them.


Xero Customers are Associated with Salesforce Accounts


We track which Xero Customer is associated with which Salesforce Account by creating a child record under Salesforce Accounts called Affiliated Xero Contacts. You normally don't need to see or edit this record, but if you want to, you can add the Affiliated Xero Contacts related list to the Account Page Layout.

Reasons you might want to add the Affiliated Xero Contacts related list to the Account Page Layout include:

  • If you match a Xero Contact with the wrong Salesforce Account, find the Xero Contact under the incorrect Salesforce Account, and re-parent it with the correct Salesforce Account.
  • If you want to see the Customer data of Xero and compare that to Salesforce Data.


Breadwinner doesn't Update Accounts or Contacts, but you Can


If you change the Xero Contact address, Breadwinner won't change your Salesforce Account info, but it will change the Xero Contact object record in Salesforce. If you want to do something cunning with triggers or workflow, be our guest. Our job is to get the data into Salesforce, what you do with that afterward is up to you.

Likewise, if you change an address on your Salesforce Account, Breadwinner doesn't push that to Xero. Why not? Because you might have multiple Xero Contacts, and that would just make life insanely complicated (and possibly mean that invoices get sent to the wrong place).

Multiple Xero Contacts on Salesforce Account

There are a lot of reasons you might need to have multiple Xero Contacts on a single Salesforce Account. They include:

  • You have archived / merged a Contact in Xero. This archived contact still has invoices attached and it needs to go somewhere.
  • Your bill to multiple branches / departments of the same company. So you might want 2 or more Xero Contacts but see them as one Salesforce Account
  • You have enabled Multi-org and have multiple Xero Orgs (and thus possibly multiple Xero Contacts) associated with the same Salesforce Account


Every Single Xero Contact...

We need to import every single Xero Contact for Breadwinner to work. This might seem odd, but we import every single Xero Invoice (which makes sense) and every Invoice has to be attached to a Xero Contact... so that's why we have to import every Xero Customer.

This doesn't mean we want to clutter up your Accounts. If you don't want to import a Xero Customer, during the import process you can click on "Don't Import this Xero Contact". We still import them (sorry) but we do not associate that with Salesforce Account.