Breadwinner can create Invoices, as well as any Line Items or parent companies, in your Accounting System.

There are three typical scenarios we work with:

  • A Custom Object with a Child Object. Together this Object/Child Object makes up the Invoice and the Line Items.
  • A Custom Object that becomes both the Invoice and the Line Items. This could be a custom object or even an Opportunity. In this scenario, there are fields on the record itself that should become Line Items. So, a single record could create the Invoice and unlimited Line Items.
  • A Custom Object that becomes the Invoice. Unusual, as this would require you to manually enter at least one Line Item, but possible.

In all of the above scenarios, Breadwinner can and will create the Accounting System company if needed.

The same approach can also be used to create Bills or Purchase Orders.


Typically, this is in our Enterprise edition, though if you are working with one of our established ISV Partners, or have a small number of Salesforce Users, please contact us for custom pricing.


Typically we will create the first 'Custom Button' which is used to start the guided Invoice Creation process. The documentation we use for this is linked to here