Breadwinner allows you to populate fields on the Invoice, Bill and Purchase Order from Opportunity fields and Opportunity Product fields (and even custom object fields).

For visual or stylistic reasons, you may want line breaks, or even whitespace to appear in these fields.

The instructions below are designed for QuickBooks Online's "Message Displayed on Invoice", but can equally apply to Xero's Line Description field, or Xero's PO Delivery Instructions, or any large text field.

Please note, Breadwinner Support does not provide personalized support for formula fields like this, though we are of course happy to provide this support article to help guide you. The best place to turn for support on custom formula fields is your Salesforce Consultant. Creating a formula field like this is something a Salesforce Consultant would be glad to help you with.

Configuring Message Displayed on Invoice using a formula

To Create a formula field on Opportunity, go to Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Fields (Salesforce Classic) or Setup | Platform Tools | Objects and Fields | Object Manager | Opportunity | Fields & Relationships (Salesforce Lightning)

Click New, to create a new custom field, and choose Data Type as Formula and click Next

Give the field a name, choose the Formula Return Type as Text and click Next. The name can be anything you want, but we recommend something obvious to all your users. You might even put QuickBooks Online at the beginning of the field name.

Add required fields to the Formula editor, like Opportunity Name

You can use Concatenate operator (&) to add additional text

You can add space in between, by specifying inside double quotations

You can insert new line, or break, by using the Formula BR()

Similarly, you can add additional text, if any.

And continue clicking Next and complete the field creation.

You can now go to Breadwinner tab, go to Invoice Configuration (Configuration | Invoice) and then to Opportunity to Invoice field mapping

After choosing the newly created formula field for Message Displayed on Invoice filed, click Save at the bottom.

Now, when you create an Invoice from Opportunity, the Message Displayed on Invoice will be populated with Opportunity formula in the Create Invoice Page.

Which then gets saved to Invoice.