While we're sorry to see you go, the good news is that canceling is simple.

How to Cancel

  • Go to the Breadwinner Tab in Salesforce
  • Click on the Billing section
  • Select the "Redirect to Billing Portal" button

In the Stripe Billing Portal select the "Cancel plan" button

After you Cancel

  • You will no longer be able to use or see Breadwinner data
  •  If your credit card has expired and Breadwinner was auto-canceled, then we should be able to restore everything easily- please submit a support ticket so we can help

Please remember to cancel your account first before you uninstall Breadwinner

If you have uninstalled it first, file a case in support, and let us know that you want to cancel. Please be very clear about your company name, etc. so that we can cancel the right company.