Breadwinner is designed to enhance your business by allowing Sales and Finance to work seamlessly together. Breadwinner brings in valuable data from your finance system into Salesforce on a site-license basis. Everyone in your Salesforce org can leverage this data on a per-customer level, or through reports and dashboards.

As our customer size ranges from 2-person partnerships to 1000+ employee corporations, we cannot charge flat pricing on everyone, so we scale our pricing based on how many users you have in your Salesforce org. This seems the fairest way for us to scale our pricing.

As a result, your Invoice from Breadwinner will be based on how many Salesforce users are in your org.

Please note that this is a common approach to billing. 

  • Salesforce itself does this when pricing, for example, Full Sandbox Orgs, or Premium Support, both of which are based on the total number of users in your Salesforce Org.
  • Validity's Demand Tools application, the most popular data-deduping tool, prices on total users in the Salesforce org, regardless of how many users directly use it.

We appreciate that in some companies, Breadwinner is often used by a limited number of users, rather than as a site-license where the data is available to enhance decision-making across the board.

If you have concerns about the number of users actually directly interacting with Breadwinner, then we're glad to offer a complimentary customer success session to help more of your team benefit from Breadwinner.